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Swapping Helmets and Leather for Suits,Ties and Best Dress

What began as a simple discovery of their father's abandoned longboard in the garage, has now become a family affair in championship high speed street luge competitions for the Beard family of Brisbane, Australia.

Siblings Hannah (17), Ammon (16) and Ben Beard (14), accompanied by their father Jason, hurtle down hills, flat on their backs on street luges while gathering speeds of more than 70 km per hour. Looking like super heroes in helmets and leather, this family has found that titles are won not just through speed but through courageous devotion to the Lord.

Following their faith, the Beard family chooses not to train or compete on Sundays, even though competitions stretch across Saturday and Sunday.

"It's not been a decision to make," said Ammon, "it was the family standard.  It's just the right thing to do." To them attendance at Church on Sunday in suits, ties and best dress is more important than competing for luge titles.

Kerrie Beard adds, "I think it's because they have honoured Heavenly Father for so many years, He has honoured them. I just love that they have never complained about packing up on Saturday nights to be home for Church on Sunday morning, when everyone else was preparing for race day."

Their choice to honour the Sabbath Day was noted by officials when they saw the Beard family packing up each Saturday evening, heading home rather than participating in Sunday events.

Officials decided to allow the use of times scored last year, combined with times gathered this year, giving them enough data to qualify for coveted titles.  Ammon has achieved the position of junior champion, with his sister Hannah ranking 3rd junior champion and Ben sliding in at 5th junior champion. Dad Jason is currently ranked 37th in Australia.

Twin brothers Gideon and Elijah (10) soon hope to join their siblings in competitions, but for now, they cheer them on from the sidelines with Mum, Kerrie.

"We were noticed for our stand to not race on Sunday, and know we have been blessed for it," said Hannah.

The Beard family champions whose courage to call the Sabbath day a "delight" are truly riding the "high places of the earth".  Isaiah 58:13-14.

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