News Release — 29 JULY 2013

ABC’s 'The Good Life' features the Mormon Pioneers

Perth — 

ABC Radio’s The Good Life program featured a national interview on Sunday evening (28 July 2013) with Perth mission president, Bruce Lindsay.  The subject of the program was the Mormon pioneers, early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who fled to the American west to escape religious persecution.

Before moving to Australia in 2012 with his wife, Sister Marian Lindsay, President Lindsay worked as a news broadcaster with Utah’s KSL TV channel 5. His media career covered some 38 years.

Sunday night’s interview was hosted by Noel Debien of the ABC religion unit.  Mr Debien has a weekly Sunday evening program exploring the issues, events and people driving development in religion.

Sunday’s 'The Good Life' was the first of two broadcasts.  The second will be next Sunday night.  Here is an excerpt from Mr Debien’s introduction to the first interview:

“Pioneer Day is celebrated by Mormons on 24th July each year.  It marks the day when early American church leader, Brigham Young, and the first Latter-day Saint pioneers arrived on the future site of Salt Lake City in Utah.

“They had fled from persecution in the east of America to found a new "Zion"; a place of peace, plenty and cooperation for the followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

To listen to the interview The Goodlife and Mormon Pioneer Day (Part 1) click here.

The Goodlife and Mormon Pioneer Day (Part 2) click here.

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